About Me

NJR Developer is a website dedicated to the portfolio of Nathan Robertson, a student of games design and development at the University of the Worcester.

The demonstrated work is from Nathan Robertson (myself) , a student a the University Of Worcester, studying games design and development. I have experience in a little bit of everything in the games development while looking further into game AI and how I can use it to build up a believable and enjoyable game world.  The skills that I have built up over the time I’ve been programming have been in attempt to publish my design, develop and publish games whilst working either alone or within teams or alone.

The reason for me getting involved in game design and development? To thrust players into a world of gaming that has inspired so many people into following all walks of life, be it sciences, writing, programming, or even art. Games have had a role in so many peoples lives and pushed their decisions thanks to this inspiration

Ensuring that I have good experience in a broad range of programming areas is key to what I should be able to do as a developer. are well rounded boosts my ability to work effectively both within a team and individually as it provides me with the capability to assist my team with anything they may be struggling with, be it the logic, debugging or refactoring the system.

Now from here you can roam around and explore the website and check out everything I’ve posted!

You can find me here for alerts to new posts or if you want to contact me :

  • Twitter – @NJR_Developer
  • Email – nathan_robertson@hotmail.co.uk